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How Do Dentists Prevent and Fix Cavities?

March 25, 2020

When a problem is detected, your Boca Raton general dentist will ensure you get timely and appropriate treatment. The most common dental restoration involves removing tooth decay and placing a dental filling in the affected tooth. Not only that, but general dentists can also treat dental trauma like a loosened, broken or knocked-out tooth and can diagnose and treat the causes of tooth pain and periodontal disease. They may also provide treatments for missing teeth, orthodontics, crowns, bridgework and may help you get fitted with dentures.

who is the best Boca Raton general dentist?

Regular Visits To The Dentist Can Prevent Cavities

Thorough Diagnosis

Your Boca Raton general dentist can easily detect tooth decay by looking at your dental x-rays, examining your teeth and mouth, and asking about tooth sensitivity and pain. Likewise, early signs of decay and cavities may be seen every time your dentist will probe your teeth to determine for soft areas. More so, a highly skilled general dentist can show you which of the three types of cavities you have – root, fissure, and pit, or smooth surface. 

Regular Dental Visits

It cannot be overemphasized that regular dental visits can determine cavities and other dental concerns before they cause detrimental symptoms and lead to more-serious issues. The earlier you seek treatment, the better your chances of preventing the initial stages of tooth decay. It will help you avoid its progression. As provided by a Boca Raton general dentist, if your cavity or decay is treated before it causes pain and discomfort, you will reduce the risk of needing to undergo extensive treatment.

who is the best Boca Raton general dentist?

Treatments Conducted By a Boca Raton General Dentist 

Cavity treatments will depend on how serious they are and how severe your situation will become. The common treatments are tooth extractions, root canals, crowns, fillings, and fluoride treatments. To avoid cavities and tooth decays, contact us today!

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