Are you embarrassed to smile because you have missing teeth? An economical way to do this is to use dentures so you can have a complete smile again.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are a mouth appliance that is inserted directly into the mouth with prosthetic teeth attached. They are removable mouth pieces that restore mouth function as well as enhancing your overall appearance.


Numerous benefits associated with receiving dentures such as:

  • Limited dietary restrictions (If you opt to have implants attached)

  • Alleviates jaw shift

  • Increased speech


A comprehensive oral exam will be taken of your mouth and teeth. An impression will be taken and used in the office or sent to lab to make the denture.

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As you return for your final denture fitting, teeth will be placed. Always schedule a follow-up appointment so we can track your progress!

Are You Looking for Dentures in Delray Beach?

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