Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions

Did you know that over half of adults get tooth extractions every year? These can be completed for many reasons that are cosmetic or preventative in nature. At Flora Dental, it is essential that we treat your dental health as soon as possible!

Do I Need an Extraction?

A tooth extraction is the removal of a permanent tooth from its corresponding tooth socket. Our first concern is to make the process as safe and painless as possible.

You may need a tooth extraction if you are experiencing:

  • Crowded teeth

  • Dental infections

  • Tooth decay

  • Impacted wisdom teeth

Types of Extractions

Simple Extraction:

  • Removal of a tooth above gum tissue

  • Requires the use of a manual forceps tool to grip the tooth

Surgical Extraction:

  • Removal of a tooth can involve a tooth above or below gum tissue

  • Requires the use of surgical instruments to make a tiny incision and remove the obstructed tooth with accuracy

Socket Site Preservation

Material will be placed in the space where the tooth was removed to protect the area from shrinking as the space heals.

Why are We the Best in Providing Tooth Extraction Services in Delray Beach, FL?   

1. Certified Professionals

Our dentist  is graduated from the University of Louisville DentalSchool, a major achievement by our hardworking dentist to give quality dental care. We’ve gone through rigorous evaluations and peer-review processes to be accredited by the board. We adhere to the highest benchmarks set by the board.

2. Techniques

Our expertise  ranges far beyond typical dental school education and training. We’re highly experienced at the most advanced dental surgery and anesthesia techniques, from dental implants to wisdom tooth removal. Our skills include temporomandibular joint surgery and rebuilding bone structures with minimal surgery. 

3. Faith

Our team has built a strong reputation as one of the most exceptional dental professionals in the area. Our patients have complete faith in our abilities to perform a great job during every visit. We care for our patients like family and ensure that they receive friendly and effective treatment.

4. Dedication

We work as a cohesive unit and put in plenty of work to deliver the best treatment for every individual case. We also make use of the best technology and our extensive knowledge to achieve positive results. Our treatment plans are always tailor-made to your needs.  

5. You are Family

When you join us for treatment here at Flora Dental, you become part of the family. We’re compassionate and never impose unnecessary procedures. We guide you clearly through every aspect of your treatment, and are honest about the procedures and any costs involved. We review your case carefully to understand any and all of your concerns. 

6. Minimally Invasive Dentistry

We specialize in minimally invasive dentistry. Our vast experience and knowledge of modern techniques and technology lend us this edge. We strive to deliver dental care with minimal use of injections or anesthetics. This includes procedures such as cavity detection using laser dentistry, where we aim to make your experience painless.

7. Your Treatments are Personalized

Our treatment plans for each patient are carefully planned to suit their budget and healthcare needs. We make sure you receive individual attention during every visit, and the support staff is always happy and willing to assist you.

8. Same Day Service

We offer several procedures as a same-day service. This means that your complete dental issue is resolved in one sitting. At our practice, we specifically reserve slots every day for emergency dental care, and we guarantee that emergency or short procedures are taken care of in the same day. Our staff follows up with you afterward to ensure satisfaction. 

9. 3D Imaging

We provide 3D Imaging and digital X-rays to make sure you have superior dental care. 3D imaging enables us to examine beneath the gumline more effectively. These 3D images and X-rays give us a clear picture of your dental issues and help us formulate an effective treatment.  

10. Dr. Flora Dental Wellness for the Whole Family

We have earned a reputation as a one-stop dental clinic for the whole family. Flora Dental has been serving the dental needs of the community with great success for many years. We offer several dental services under one roof. Our specialists are experienced in caring for dental needs, for both children and adults.

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11 Things You Need to Know Before Tooth Extraction 

1. Simple Extractions

Simple extractions are procedures where your tooth is removed using a pair of forceps by gently loosening it from the jaw. It’s a relatively painless process where the dentist nudges the problem tooth and elevates it to loosen it from the jawbone. The tooth is then gently tugged at and finally pulled.

2. Surgical Extractions

Surgical extraction becomes necessary in cases where the tooth is broken at the gum line. The tooth may or may not be visible with a large portion stuck within the gums. In these instances, small portions of the jawbone or the tissue may need to be removed to extract the tooth successfully.

3. Why Tooth Extraction May Be Necessary

Tooth extraction is a standard procedure and may be deemed necessary in several instances. These include tooth decay, breakage, or if there’s the risk of spreading infection to the surrounding teeth. In children, it may be needed to make way for permanent teeth. In some cases, teeth are extracted to prepare for other dental treatments, like gum disease.

4. X-Rays of the Affected Area

Before a tooth extraction, your dentist may have X-ray images taken of the area around the affected tooth. This helps determine the extent of the dental issue. It’s also helpful to find out if any additional precautions or care need to be made before performing the extraction.

5. Share Medical History

Your dentist will ask you for a detailed medical history, which includes previous surgeries. This includes information about underlying health conditions and any regular medication you’re taking. This analysis helps your dentist to evaluate risk factors during extractions. Local anesthesia may sometimes cause adverse side-effects with your regular medication. In that case, they can also prescribe safe painkillers.

6. Don't Eat Before Surgery

Prepare well for your upcoming dental surgery and closely follow your dentist's advice. They’ll probably advise you not to eat anything before tooth extraction. It causes food particles to stick between your teeth and can cause discomfort during and after the extraction. Do not smoke before and after extraction for at least a day.

7. Pre-Extraction Dental Examination

Your dentist will give a detailed pre-extraction dental evaluation. It helps them determine if the tooth can be saved instead of removing it. They’ll also be able to plan their approach if the tooth needs to be removed, whether it’ll be a simple or surgical extraction.

8. Check Potential Complications

Not all dental procedures are straight forward. Certain underlying medical conditions and complex dental diseases could complicate the extraction. Few medical conditions need your dentist to take extra precautions. These include diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases. Other disorders include liver disease, epilepsy, and bleeding disorders. Always discuss any medical condition before extraction.

9. Anesthesia is Necessary for Surgery

Local or general anesthesia is administered during tooth extraction to numb the area and prevent any pain. The numbness of local anesthesia could last up to a few hours after the extraction, while general anesthesia will help you sleep throughout the extraction.

10. Don’t Irritate The Extraction Site

Try not to irritate the area of the extraction. This can slow the healing process and prevent blood from clotting. Avoid touching it with the tongue, sucking in, or rinsing the area hard. You should also avoid hard foods, smoking, and alcohol while you heal.

11. Prepare Yourself Well

Both you and your dentist will prepare well before tooth extraction. This ensures the process is smooth and safe. Your dentist will examine dental X-rays and take precautions if you have other medical conditions. Avoid eating before the extraction, using tobacco products, or drinking alcohol.

If you need a tooth extraction in Delray Beach, Florida, Visit Flora Dental today to get the best smile of your life!

FAQs on Tooth Extraction 

Q1. How long does it take to recover after tooth extraction?

Recovering from a tooth extraction can take a few to several days. Your dentist will prescribe a painkiller to manage any immediate pain after the extraction. You can further manage any pain by applying ice packs and getting plenty of rest. Avoid hard or spicy foods and don’t rinse the mouth for 24-hours. Do not smoke and don’t use a straw for drinking.

Q2. What are the risks involved in a tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is a normal dental procedure that rarely poses potential health risks. Complications may come up if you have a preexisting medical condition, like diabetes and heart disease, or if you have a bleeding issue that prevents blood from clotting after extraction. A few common discomforts of the procedure include nausea, some pain, and swelling or redness around the extracted tooth.

Q3. When is tooth extraction required?

Several situations warrant the extraction of a tooth. Some of these are:

  • A tooth can’t be repaired

  • Extensive tooth decay

  • Oral infection spreading to other teeth or gums

  • Dental crowding

  • Baby teeth blocking permanent teeth

  • Wisdom teeth removal

Other cases include dental trauma or preparation for different types of dental treatment.

Q4. What is tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is a procedure where a dentist pulls a problem tooth. Dentists remove teeth for several reasons and using different techniques; the extraction could be surgical or non-surgical, depending on the extent of damage and decay. You’ll be prescribed painkillers and possibly antibiotics to manage pain after the procedure.

Q5. What is the procedure for extraction?

Tooth extraction is a procedure performed to extract decaying or unwanted teeth. Your dentist first evaluates if you need an extraction, and they may take X-rays. During the procedure, they’ll administer anesthesia to the area around the tooth to numb it. This prevents any pain while they use dental forceps to tug it gently and remove it.

Q6. How frequently should I change my gauze?

Applying gauze will help stem bleeding from the extraction site. Keep changing the gauze every half hour until the bleeding has stopped completely. Wet the gauze with water, squeeze it dry and gently apply pressure with it to the affected area. Then you can gently bite on the gauze.

Q7. What is a "dry socket?"

A "dry socket" is a dental condition that sometimes happens after tooth extraction. It causes the blood clot at the extraction site to break down prematurely. Signs of a dry socket include increased pain, a bad smell, and discomfort in the mouth. Smoking immediately after extraction is a leading cause of a dry socket. It’s treated by washing the area and dressing it properly with gauze.

Q8. What are the advantages of tooth extraction?

Extracting a tooth that can’t be saved can have several benefits:

  • Relief from pain due to a decayed tooth

  • Promotes better dental hygiene

  • Prevents healthy teeth and gums from infections

  • Helps permanent teeth growth in children

  • Keeps the infected area free from germs

  • Helps fix teeth overcrowding issues

A dentist is the best judge to evaluate if a tooth should be extracted.

A tooth extraction can keep your smile healthy. If you need an extraction done in Delray Beach, you can contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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