Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Do you want a complete smile again? Our dental implants are the permanent solution you’ve been looking for. At Flora Dental, our team is dedicated to getting you the smile of your dreams!

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically placed into your jawbone. They can replace several or all missing teeth as a permanent replacement.


There are many benefits associated with dental implants such as:

  • Improved speech

  • Increased confidence

  • Enhanced mouth functionality

  • Visually beautiful appearance

Why are We the Best in Providing Dental Implants in Delray Beach?

1. Dedicated Service

Our clinic’s dentists and support staff are known for their tireless commitment to patient care. We are a team of passionate, dedicated professionals, who give patients their undivided attention and access to superior dental technology for their treatment. Our support staff is also very friendly and easy to reach.

2. High-End Equipment

We are one of the most technologically advanced dental clinics in Boca Raton. Our comfortable modern clinic at Delray Beach is equipped with the latest dental tools and instruments. Not only are they the best of what the industry has to offer, but they are also the safest for our patients. We upgrade all of our equipment regularly, and perform all essential maintenance throughout the year.

3. Dentist Training

Our doctors not only possess a recognized degree in dentistry but also hold several specializations. Our dentists are highly trained and specialize in complex procedures such as dental implants. Our dentists have completed their training from some of the most prestigious institutes in the country. Their training and experience cover all areas of Dental science.

4. Materials

We pay special attention to the quality of the materials we use in our dental labs. These materials serve a variety of purposes, ranging from fillings to dental implants. Our materials are manufactured for stability and longevity, and we never use cheap substitutes. The materials we procure are eco-friendly and completely safe for use.

5. Registered Specialist Periodontists

We specialize in dental implants and restorations. We have a dedicated team of certified implantologists and periodontists at Boynton. Our specialists are highly trained in delicate surgeries and treating complex gum problems. Their experience performing hundreds of successful procedures ensure you receive the best treatment. You can look up their qualifications and specializations on our website.

6. Integrated Systems

We are well connected with some of the finest clinics and implants centers in the region. This connectivity enables us to integrate with an expert network of dentists and support technicians. You benefit by receiving world-class dental treatment at an unbeatable price. Our expansive network gives you access to the best dental equipment and materials.

7. Insurance

Insurance to cover dental costs is a crucial factor to consider while contemplating treatment. We accept all major dental insurance providers and will assist you with filing claims with your provider to enhance your experience. We also provide dental treatment discount plans and packages, which are cost-effective and useful if you aren't covered in a plan.

8. Trustworthy

Flora Dental is committed to being honest and trustworthy. We always aim to be transparent and clearly explain every detail about your treatment. That includes the procedures, materials needed to create the implants, and the overall duration of treatment. We’re also honest about the pricing of the treatment and never surprise you with hidden charges. Our pricing is affordable and never compromises on quality.

9. Easy Access

We believe in being accessible to our patients as much as possible, and we’re even open on Saturdays by appointment. Our practice has a dedicated helpline number for you to reach us at all times during an emergency. We also offer a few consultations slots during non-work hours upon request at our Boynton location.

10. Hygiene

When you come to Flora Dental for treatment, you’re assured of a safe and hygienic environment every time. We take cleanliness and hygiene seriously and adhere to the highest standards to prevent germs. All our dental equipment is regularly disinfected. Our staff at Boynton wears protective clothing like masks and gloves while attending you.

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11 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing Dental Implants 

1. Medical History

Dental implant surgery and the associated recovery process can be a lengthy procedure lasting several months. You must be in good physical health with no underlying severe condition before you start treatment. Your dentist will review your medical history and any regular medications you’re currently taking. They'll also prescribe antibiotics to prevent infections in case of heart conditions.

2. Plan Your Treatment

The duration of your treatment depends on the number of teeth that need to be replaced and your personal schedule. You must plan your time accordingly to accommodate appointments recommended by your dentist.

Dental implant treatment plans will be different from person to person, and also depend on the condition of the jawbone. Your dentist will clearly explain the treatment phases.

3. Implants Protect Teeth

Dental implants play an important role in protecting your healthy teeth. A dental implant can successfully replace a missing tooth without impacting adjacent teeth. It leaves the healthy tooth alone, unlike other procedures like dental bridges, where healthy teeth are filed down to make room for the restoration.

4. Implants have a High Success Rate

Dental implants look and feel exactly like natural teeth and provide the same level of comfort. The success rate of dental rates are exceedingly high and tend to be above 95%. The main factor that could deter the success rate any underlying medical condition severe enough to thwart full recovery.

5. Temporary Change of Diet

Dental implant procedures take time and last over several months. In this period, we may ask you to make a few temporary dietary changes to ensure a successful implant. The implant area where the anchor is placed may swell and cause some pain until it heals. We’ll advise you to eat only soft food and liquids for a certain amount of time.

6. Wait Time for Artificial Tooth

Dental implant procedures span several months as the artificial tooth is not attached at once. Your dentist will take precise measurements and then place an order for your artificial tooth. It takes a few months before the tooth can be attached, providing enough time for the anchor we’ve implanted to fuse with your jawbone.

7. Implants Feel Natural

Dental implants are designed and manufactured with the utmost precision to look and feel like natural teeth. Dental implants are fused with your jawbone using sturdy anchors. This fusion gives it the same bite strength and resilience of natural teeth. It's also designed to match the nearby natural teeth in color and texture.

8. Implants Make Chewing Easier

Chewing hard food feels natural with dental implants and is barely noticeable. There are no special precautions to be taken before you consume your favorite food or drinks. The bite force is the same as natural teeth. Dental implants don’t slide or move accidentally like dentures as they are firmly anchored to your bone.

9. Don't Rush the Treatment

You should spend considerable time discussing your dental implant treatment with your specialist. It’s important to weigh all the pros and cons before you begin. Consider your schedule, the costs, and your general health condition.

10. Check the Materials Used

Once you've decided to proceed with the dental implant, be sure to ask questions about the materials and the process. Ask about the brand and the material used to manufacture the artificial tooth. Research about the brand online to ensure that the implant is of high quality and tested for reliability and safety.

11. Implants Preserve Facial Structure

The most significant advantage of dental implants is that they preserve the natural structure of your face. Dental implants replicate the design and shape of your natural teeth. They’re designed to fit naturally in your mouth and maintain your facial and jaw structure. Dental implants strengthen bone integrity in your mouth.

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FAQs on Dental Implants

Q1. If I have partial dentures, how are dental implants used?

There are several benefits of dental restoration with implants in addition to existing full or partial dentures. Dental implants anchor the dentures firmly, preventing sliding and slippage for a natural feel. Dental implants are also commonly used with fixed dentures. In this case, the dentures are bolted into the implants using high-grade titanium components. Only a trained dentist can perform these procedures.

Q2. Can you explain more about the All-on-4 treatment?

The All-on-4 is a popular dental procedure that offers a solution for several missing teeth in the jaw. The process involves teeth replacement using just four dental implants. It's recommended for patients suffering from severe bone loss, or badly decayed teeth. The four implants support a prosthetic device that can hold 10-14 teeth. It's a cheaper alternative to traditional implant procedures.

Q3. Is there any guarantee provided?

Dental implant failure can happen, sometimes happens within the first few months. The warranty coverage and conditions for implant replacement vary among manufacturers. Be sure to ask your dentist about the success rate with your implants. You can also get additional insurance to safeguard your investment. Regular maintenance and reviewing with your dentist will help make your treatment with implants successful.

Q4. Is the equipment sterilized?

A dental implant procedure is a meticulous process performed by a trained professional. Your specialist ensures that the environment, as well as the equipment, is clean and sterile. We strictly follow safety guidelines to prevent any external contamination. We take all necessary precautions and regularly sterilize our equipment. We never compromise on safety, hygiene, and cleanliness best practices to provide holistic treatment.

Q5. What are the advantages of implants?

Dental implants have several advantages over other traditional teeth replacement methods. They’re made from very durable materials and often last a lifetime. They look and feel like natural teeth and preserve the shape of your face. Maintaining them is as easy as brushing your teeth regularly and generally taking care of your teeth. And with care, your implants will remain strong for years. Dental implants don’t slide or slip like dentures and are anchored firmly.

Q6. What are the consequences if the missing tooth is not replaced?

One or more missing teeth significantly affect your ability to bite and chew. It could lead to the gums and tissue around your jawbone deteriorating sooner than usual. Missing teeth eventually cause neighboring teeth to shift, creating an uneven bite. This also changes your facial structure and an uneven smile. But one of the biggest dangers of not replacing your teeth is that you increase your risk for developing dental infections and gum disease.

Q7. Will implants hurt?

Dental implant procedures are safe and are constantly being perfected over the years. They are no more painful than any other dental procedure. You also have the option of choosing general anesthesia to manage pain, and there should be little to no swelling or long-term discomfort after the initial procedures. The process does span over several visits, so you don't have the discomfort of a long procedure in one day.

Q8. Should I visit the dentist after the implants are placed?

It’s very important that you set up regular appointments with your dentist every few months. This helps you care for your dental implants, as well as your overall dental hygiene. Your dentist will check for any signs of implant failure or slippage in the implant. They can also give minor adjustments if you’re experiencing any discomfort with chewing or moving your facial muscles.

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