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Is There a Link Between Cavities and Oral Cancer?

March 10, 2020

Your overall wellness can be affected if you don’t pay attention to your dental health. Poor dental health is known to promote and increase premature deaths and cancer risk. The build-up of your dental plaque is a common indicator that you have poor oral health. Researchers are inclined with the notion that an individual with persistent dental plaque may increase his or her risk of developing cancer. Thus, it is essential that you seek the services of the best dentist Delray Beach.

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How Damaged Teeth Can Increase the Risk of Cancer

How Dental Plaque Damages Your Teeth

According to dentists everywhere, plaque buildup is a combination of various types of bacteria lurking along the gum line and surface of your teeth. When it cannot be removed through brushing, the bacteria create an adhesive chemical called mucopolysaccharides. Once this chemical is produced, it will turn into an invisible film on your teeth known as a biofilm. The plaque bacteria found in the biofilm releases acid, damaging your tooth’s enamel. As the bacteria thrive, your plaque may harden and turn to tartar.

How Is It Linked to Cancer?

In 1985, a study was conducted concerning the link between cancer risk and dental plaque. Through this study, it was discovered that dental plaque yields enzymes and toxins that enter your bloodstream. If you are at a high risk of developing certain cancer, the enzymes and toxins may increase the peril of malignancy. Hence, if you think you are at risk of developing cancer, it is crucial that you immediately see the best dentist Delray Beach.

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How the Best Dentist Delray Beach Can Prevent Dental Plaque?

Once you are at the dentist, you will undergo an examination to determine whether there are buildups of dental plaque. If there are, your dentist can advise you of the proper dental treatments to avoid the thriving of tartar and dental plaque. To get the best dentist Delray Beach, contact Floral Dental today!

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