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Tooth Extraction Delray | Surefire Signs You Need to Get Your Tooth Pulled

January 10, 2020

If you want to maintain great oral health, your teeth must be consistently monitored for any potential issues. Once a problem is detected, it’s extremely important to address it right away before it gets worse. However, when infections and irreversible damage take place, you’ll need to prepare yourself for a possible tooth extraction Delray.

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How Do You Know if a Tooth Needs to Be Pulled?


In most cases, no procedure can be done to salvage teeth that are severely broken or cracked. Although there are several ways to treat a decayed tooth, when the damage has become so extensive, the dentist will have to extract it.

Overcrowding or Impaction

Teeth that have been rendered useless after they’ve shifted or grown into wrong positions are identified as impacted teeth.  On the other hand, overcrowding is a condition that pertains to teeth that are too large to be able to comfortably fit within the patient’s mouth. When a person’s teeth are overcrowded, they take up the space that’s intended for the other teeth. Consequently, the other teeth would not be able to erupt because of this. To address this problem, the dentist pulls out some of the existing teeth to give more space to the remaining teeth. Furthermore, the same concept is applied to orthodontic treatments where the dentist performs a tooth extraction Delray to make sure that enough room is available for teeth to shift into their proper positions before fitting braces on their patient’s teeth.


Ignoring a decaying tooth will eventually cause the decay to reach the tooth’s pulp. An infected pulp can spread affect the adjacent teeth unless the dentist performs a root canal therapy. However, when the damage has become irreversible and this treatment won’t prove effective, tooth extraction is recommended.

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Avoid Tooth Extraction Delray by Taking Care of Your Teeth!

The best way to avoid a tooth extraction Delray is to establish and maintain proper oral habits which include regular brushing, flossing, and setting regular appointments with the dentist at Flora Dental where you’ll receive the best quality of dental care. Call us now!

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