Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment

Today, there have been many technological advancements made in dentistry to get you a great smile. Laser treatment is an increasingly popular method to make dentistry as painless as possible. At Flora Dental, we only use high-quality services to provide you with optimal care!

What is Laser Treatment?

Laser treatment requires the use of laser technology to effectively treat certain oral conditions. They are FDA-approved, and our team always ensure your safety and comfort with each laser treatment appointment. Lasers are renowned for their nearly painless technique as we perform our best dental work.  

How Does it Work in Dentistry?

Lasers are currently being used to treat various dental conditions such as:

  • Periodontal Disease

  • Alleviates gum inflammation by removing unwanted bacteria

  • Tooth Decay

  • Extracts decay from within a tooth

  • Also prepares a tooth for a filling

  • Teeth Whitening

  • As the hydrogen peroxide gel is applied, a laser is used to activate the gel for superb whitening

Do You Need Laser Treatment in Delray Beach?

We want you to have a beautiful smile for many years to come. With laser technology-advanced equipment, we can treat you as soon and efficiently as possible. Contact us today to learn more!  

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