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Boca Raton General Dentist | Common Causes of Failed Dental Fillings

January 24, 2020

People usually see their Boca Raton general dentist to have their cavities fixed. In most cases, their dental healthcare provider addresses the problem via a restorative process that is commonly called fillings. Once the tooth’s decayed portion is removed, a substance fills the remaining space. This substance should easily bond to the tooth in question in order to preserve its overall health. Unfortunately, dental fillings don’t last forever. A dental filling’s lifespan is influenced by several factors including the filling’s size, the type of filling material and its age, bruxism, and the patient’s dental hygiene habits. Here are the common causes of failed dental fillings.

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What Causes Your Dental Fillings to Fail?

The Filling’s Size

The larger the cavity, the larger the filling it requires. This implies that filling with a larger perimeter and surface area has more exposure to bacteria in the patient’s mouth. Furthermore, since a tooth that has a large cavity couldn’t provide enough support for the filling, it’s chances of failing increase over time.

The Filling Material

Although silver amalgam fillings aren’t exactly everyone’s first choice because they don’t match the patient’s teeth, these fillings are more durable than tooth-colored fillings. Composite tooth-colored fillings may look better, but they’re more likely to wear out faster than silver amalgam fillings.

The Filling’s Age

The older the filling, the more likely they are to chip, crack, and wear down.


Bruxism refers to the habitual and involuntary grinding and clenching of the teeth. Although the teeth can withstand a tremendous amount of force and pressure from biting, fillings couldn’t handle the same amount of stress.

Dental Hygiene Habits

When fillings fall out, the teeth suffer further decay. In most cases, the decay reaches beyond or behind the filling’s original parameter.

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